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Brandywine Waterproofing
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Basement Crack Repairs

Basement Wall Crack Repair

A basement wall crack in a poured basement foundation is generally caused by concrete shrinkage. Continued pressures, such as soil contraction and expansion, can cause further foundation cracks and separation. So a long-term solution is needed -- one that is flexible enough to permanently fix the crack even with continued wall movement.

Brandywine Waterproofing has been repairing foundation cracks with various injection methods for many years. Our method will permanently fix your wall crack and stop leakage.

More Serious Foundation Cracks

If you’ve noticed Structural Cracks that you think may be caused by Horizontal Cracks, Step Cracks and/or Bowed Walls problems or other symptoms of a foundation problem such as drywall cracks, doors and windows that don’t open and close properly, sloping floors or exterior foundation cracks, you are probably dealing with a foundation problem that is caused by changing soil conditions around or under your home.

Mold, Dust Mites and Odors

Banishing these irritating invaders begins with effective moisture control in basement and crawl space areas.
We solve mold, mite & odor problems by...

  • Waterproofing Basements & Crawl Spaces
  • Controlling Humidity and Filtering the Air With Dehumidifiers
  • Replacing Mold-Damaged Materials With Waterproof, Mold-Resistant Materials

A stale, musty smell is a sure sign that you have mold in your house and probably dust mites as well. In order to reproduce, mold puts microscopic spores into the air. Dust mites, on the other hand, produce microscopic feces that contain harmful compounds. Ingesting these minute particles causes allergic reactions in many people –itchy eyes, skin rashes, sneezing and other flu-like symptoms. Other people react more severely, suffering from respiratory ailments like asthma.

The good news:

Removing moisture forces mold and mites to find another home

To survive, dust mites and mold must absorb moisture from the air or from damp materials. Mold and mites can’t live in dry environments. To force these pests to find another home, you have to remove their moisture supply. Here’s how to do it:

  • Stop water from coming into your basement or crawl space with an effective waterproofing system.
  • Reduce humidity levels. To dry out the air in a basement or crawl space, Basement Systems can install a dehumidifier.
  • Always use a bathroom vent fan to vent humid air (during showering & washing) to the exterior.
  • Remove mold-damaged material (drywall, fabrics, carpeting, etc.) and replace these elements with mold-resistant materials.
  • Repair plumbing leaks.
  • Make sure gutters & downspouts are working effectively to move roof runoff well away from your foundation.

If it Leaks we can fix it!

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Water Leaking Through Wall Crack


Water Leaking Through Wall Crack


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Drainage for water leaks


Vertical crack repairs, diagonal cracks off corner of basement window, crack injection. Structural Crack repairs: earth anchors, rod & grout cavities, iron wall braces, angle iron supports, carbon fiber strips.

Repair basement wall cracks


Repair basement wall cracks


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