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Brandywine Waterproofing
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Foundation Waterproofing / French Drain

We Fix Leaking Basements

In a basement waterproofing system, french drains work by relieving hydrostatic pressure.
When it's wet and rainy outside, the soil outside your foundation becomes saturated with water. Your basement walls and floor are subjected to high hydrostatic pressure the downward pressure of water due to gravity.

A french drain is sometimes also referred to as drainage tile, a rubble drain, a perimeter drain or weeping tile.
Clogged drainage lines cause water problems. When a French drain is surrounded by soil, it eventually becomes clogged with silt and plant roots.

Interior French Drain Systems

  • It is designed not to clog - sits on top of the footing
  • Has a built in 3/8-inch gap between the floor and the wall to drain wall leaks
  • Does not rely on filter fabric
  • Has a big drain outlet to the sump
  • Will not cause structural damage to the foundation

Masonry BLOCK Walls

  • Installation process: First we knock-out your concrete floor about (10 to 14) from the cinder block wall. Then we dig down to expose the footer. Then all mud, debris, broken concrete is removed and the trench is cleaned.
  • The blocks are drilled to provide weep holes, approximately 3 to 4 holes per block. A 4 PVC perforated pipe is laid adjacent to the footer. The holes face downward at about 5 & 7 oclock position. This pipe is surrounded by washed granite stone. Pipe is pitched to run to a sump basket, containing a 1/3rd horse power submersible sump pump.
  • A 1 discharge line is attached to the pump. Check valve is installed and the pipe is run up and out above grade a short distance in accordance with New Castle County Code. We place concrete over the top of trench leaving a small gap along the wall, as well as, any obstructions like oil tanks that will catch any leak above the system.

Poured Concrete & Stone walls do not require weep holes.
All our French drain installations come with a

Lifetime of the structure transferrable Guarantee!

Sump pumps get the water out!

Keep your basement dry with a sump pump system you can count on!

  • Free sump pump inspection
  • Sump pump replacement
  • New sump pump installation
  • Sump pump maintenance
  • Power outage protection with battery back-up systems
  • Complete basement and crawl space waterproofing systems

A sump pump is the heart of a basement or crawl space waterproofing system. This electrically powered device does the heavy lifting to keep your basement dry. It pumps water out of your basement (or crawl space) after the water collects in a sump pit dug into the floor.

Your sump pump setup doesnt have to be an eyesore. Instead of being installed in an ugly open hole, your sump pump can be housed in a durable plastic sump liner with an airtight cover.

Quality components
We carry only the best sump pump motors in the industry, designed to handle high water volume and long run times.

Reliable performance
Our sump pumps are designed to resist clogging and feature a compact, jam-proof switch.

Attractive appearance
The flush-fit installation of our sump liner wont detract from the appearance of your basement.

Different models to choose from
Well help you select a sump pump system that suits your budget and your waterproofing system.

Power outage protection
Concerned about keeping the sump pump running during a power outage? Ask about our battery backup systems.

Digging french drain


Digging to install French Drain


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Drainage for water leaks


Drainage for basement water

Drainage for water leaks


Cement to cover French Drain

Hot water heater


Hot water heater

Clogged drains


Clogged drainage lines cause water problems.


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