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Brandywine Waterproofing of Delaware

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Brandywine Waterproofing
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Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior Foundation Coatings & Channel Drains

Catch Basins, Dry Wells, Yard Drains

About Channel Drains

Channel drains are installed in concrete, brick and paver hardscapes. They are linear surface drains and are usually built at the edge of slopes such as driveways to intercept and discharge water. Channel drains contain small grate openings or grates along its surface, catching and moving water away from the property. The grate openings themselves can be large or small, depending on the homeowner's needs and the anticipated volume and strength of water being channeled.


The main benefit of channel drains is that they help to control water and prevent flooding around hard surface areas including pools, sidewalks, wash-down areas, driveways and patios. Expensive concrete work can weaken and begin to deteriorate due to excess moisture and flooding, and channel drains prevent water from pooling in garages, damaging foundations or spilling into houses, for instance.

Expert Insight

One of the most common places to install a channel drain is near the garage door, sliding glass or back doors.

Channel drains are frequently referred to as trench drains, and the terms are often used interchangeably. Though the two drain types have similar appearances and are built for similar purposes, they traditionally have different applications. Channel drains are generally used in residential and commercial projects. They tend to have plastic moldings that run between 10 and 20 feet, and do not contain a built-in slope or pitch.

On the other hand, trench drains are primarily used in commercial and industrial projects. Trench drains are designed with a built-in slope or pitch and are made using precast or cast-in-place concrete onsite. Whereas channel drains contain a flat bottom, trench drains typically contain a rounded bottom to keep out debris.

Catch Basin & Yard Drains

Catch Basin & Yard Drains


Delaware, PA, MD Catch Basin & Yard Drains

Channel Drains


Channel Drain near garage


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Driveway drainage


Driveway drainage

Exterior drain


Drainage systems for waterproofing


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